Alabama’s Home Visiting program, First Teacher, serves families prenatally through age five. Core Competencies create a common thread of Professional Development expectations across the variety of home visiting programs for the ultimate benefit of families in Alabama. They are established to provide a framework and a common language for workforce development planning. The Alabama Home Visiting Core Competencies is intended to be used as a tool by the workforce to conduct ongoing self- assessments as well as professional development planning. They are a set of attributes, knowledge, and skills that reflect best practice for professionals in the field. The Core Competencies provide expectations for what the workforce should know and be able to do in a respectful and competent manner in their roles working with families. Input was gathered on The Alabama Home Visiting Core Competencies by stakeholders, statewide Home Visiting program model leads, representation from Early Head Start/ Head Start and Child Care, and representatives from local Home Visiting programs throughout the state.  

Alabama First Teacher Competencies (2016)