The Program and Classroom Guidelines have been created and published by OSR to ensure that programs provide a safe and high quality learning environment for the students in Alabama's state funded First Class Pre-K program. The Guidelines also provide guidance and regulations for the expenditures of state funds.

2016-17 Guidelines
First Class Pre-K 2016-17 Classroom Guidelines
First Class Pre-K 2016-17 Program Guidelines
First Class Pre-K 2016-17 Appendices  (Currently under revision and will be posted again soon)

Procedure for All Grantees

Grantees of the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education are considered "Vendors" by the State of Alabama which is converting to a new accounting and payment system. To ensure that your organization receives funds from the State of Alabama, the following procedures from the Alabama Department of Finance must be followed:

"The Vendor Self Service (VSS) Portal will improve how the State of Alabama vendors do business with the State. The VSS Portal is a website that will allow vendors to manage their account information, track payments, submit invoices, sign-up for EFT payments and receive notification of bids based on their commodity codes. 

In order to benefit from VSS Portal, existing vendors will need to activate their vendor account and new vendors will need to register an account.  Vendors can visit the VSS website at to activate or register their account.  Important Note: The VSS Portal will be available starting August 3, 2015.  Activation and Registration Guides are posted on the VSS Portal to help vendors through the activation and registration process. Vendors can go to the vendor website for more information on activating or creating their accounts.

Vendors that need further assistance can contact the STAARS Support Desk directly at 334-353-9000 or they can email"