Director Resources

Directors' ASAP Guide: ASAP is the online pre-registration program that parents use to select schools or programs for First Class Pre-K.  Directors use the ASAP program to manage class rolls and student information.


Foundant: Foundant is the online grant management system used to capture all information required for First Class Pre-K program classroom funds.

PowerSchool: PowerSchool is the state’s registry for teacher and/or administrator’s required professional development hours, managed by the Alabama State Department of Education’s (ALSDE) Office of Professional Development and Professional Learning.

ECEData: The ECEData (pronounced ee’-see-data) program is a database that contains all information on the department’s regions, programs, sites, classrooms, teachers, children/families, and department staff.

Playground Guidelines: All First Class Pre-K Programs are required to adhere to DHR Minimum Standards for playground safety, but NAEYC Guidelines are recommended. In addition, the following resources may prove useful when considering the development and design of the outdoor play space for pre-K children. These resources refer to best practices, developmentally appropriate materials, safety requirements, etc.

High Quality Child Care Standards: Caring for Our Children, 3rd Edition (CFOC3) is a collection of 686 national standards that represent the best evidence, expertise, and experience in the county on quality health and safety practices and policies for today’s early care and education settings.


Strengthening Families: The Strengthening Families framework is a research-informed approach to increase family strengths, enhance child development, and reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect.

Dual Language Learners: The Dual Language Learners toolkit and accompanying resources can be used to support young children who are learning their home languages and English.