GOLD Trainings

GOLD Trainings

We look forward to you joining the following trainings. Contact the Region Director, coach and/or monitor for the password to register for the following GOLD trainings. As soon as you receive your email confirmation, immediately click the red button that says, “Go to online event page”. Follow prompts to log into Eventbrite to receive event information and handouts for this training.  This must be done prior to the first session.

To contribute to a successful training and to support engagement, be mindful of the following norms:

• Join event 3-5 minutes prior to start of session to check audio and video
• Mute microphone upon entering the session
• Once in session type your name in chat box
• To assist with engagement, keep video on during the training session. We realize there may be times that you have to close your camera. However, it should remain on as much as possible.
• The training is designed for one person to one device. It is not conducive for multiple people to be in the same room with others that are on their devices.
• Zoom gives a time stamp of when the participant enters the session and when they leave. To receive full credit participant must be logged on the entire session time.

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