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Phone and Fax

Main Phone: 334-224-3171
Main Fax: 334-353-0362

Mailing Address

The Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education
P. O. Box 302755
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-2755

Physical Address

The Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education
RSA Dexter Avenue Building
445 Dexter Avenue, Suite 2050
Montgomery, Alabama 36104


Department of Early Childhood Education

Jan C. Hume, Ph.D.
Tammy Williams
Antisa Allen

Acting Secretary
Executive Secretary and Fleet Manager
Administrative Support

Office of School Readiness

Jeannie Allen
Margaret Colley
Pam Turner
Felicia Mason
Angie Smith
Kimberly Ford
Amanda Johnson
Marcia Jackson
Misty Blackmon
Gidget Haslam
Ami Brooks

Grants Specialist
Region 1 Director
Region 2 Director
Region 3 Director
Region 4 Director
Region 5 Director
Region 6 Director
Region 7 Director
Region 8 Director
Program Director, Pre-K to 3rd Grade Early Learning Continuum and GOLD Assessment

Office of Early Childhood Development

Joy Winchester, ECMH-E®
Jo Lee-Lindstrom
Amy Brakenhoff
Kellie Holcomb
Melissa Beeson
Lakeysha Monroe
LaTonya Sibley, Ph.D.
Kesha Whitehead
Tonya Fernambucq
Amy Hasty
Salina Washington

Administrative Support
Program Director, Behavior and Professional Support
Program Director, Alabama Quality STARS
Program Manager, Alabama Quality STARS
Program Director, Early Childhood Education Quality
Program Director, Apprenticeship and Workforce Development
Program Director, First Teacher Home Visiting
Mentor Coach, Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership
Mentor Coach, Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership
Program Manager, Child Development Associate Credentialing

Office of Professional Development and Coaching Support

Tara Skiles
Jan Walker
Sonya Jackson
DeAundra Ford
Alyson Lamb
Averee Patton
Maggie Cooper
Kelly Boling
Amy Dunn

Administrative Support
Region 1 Coach Facilitator
Region 2 Coach Facilitator
Region 3 Coach Facilitator
Region 4 Coach Facilitator
Region 5 Coach Facilitator
Region 6 Coach Facilitator
Region 7 Coach Facilitator

Education Information and Data Systems

Katrina Bowling, Ed.D.
Sherri Herring
Margaret Trammell
John Wright

Program Manager, Education Systems
Program Manager, Education Information
Program Manager, Information Technology

Finance and Accounting

Brandi Rice
Tiwana Jackson
Eria White
LaTrena Stinson
Sh'Nya Pickett
LaToya Harris
Jasmine Hyatt
Mae McCants
Pimika Humphries

Accounting Manager
Senior Accountant
Staff Accountant
Staff Accountant
Account Clerk
Account Clerk
Account Clerk
Administrative Support

External Relations

Samuel Adams
Liletta Jenkins
Nichole McCants
Patrick Dowell
Aviva Dunbar

Program Director, Children’s Policy Councils
Program Manager, Children's Policy Councils
Program Director, Special Projects
Administrative Support

Federal Programs Administration

Milanda Dean, Ph.D.


Grants Management and Administration

Beth Aspden

Administrative Support

Head Start Collaboration Office

Trellis Calloway, Ph.D.


Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

Dallas Rabig, Ph.D., LPC, IMHM-C®


Human Resources

Tammy Gibson


Research and Analytics

Jan C. Hume, Ph.D.



Amanda Sanford


First Class Pre-K Regions