LETRS Training

Alabama is committed to supporting PreK-Grade 3 teachers with the tools necessary to teach every student the basic literacy skills needed to be successful in school. This comprehensive training will provide the P-3 teacher deeper understanding of the science of reading and evidence-based strategies necessary to support students who experience reading challenges. Learn more about Alabama LETRS: What Happened in Alabama? Teacher Reading Knowledge and Student Readiness After LETRS.

Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS) can be a critical component in the teacher’s instructional toolbox of reading strategies. The LETRS is not a curriculum or program; instead, LETRS focuses on the science of reading and supports teachers in diagnosing reading issues, prescribing a strategy, and assessing the effectiveness of the instruction provided to support the student.

This intensive learning experience will be provided, on a voluntary basis, for Alabama P-3 teachers and coaches. If the demand exceeds funds, a rubric with weighted criteria will be used to finalize eligibility. The Alabama State Department of Education and DECE are committed to identifying opportunities to fund additional LETRS training in the future. 


LETRS Website:
For information regarding LETRS click the button below, and it will take you to our LETRS website.

If you have questions regarding  the LETRS professional learning opportunity, please contact Dr. Barbara Cooper at (334) 430-3524 or via email at barbara.cooper@ece.alabama.gov.