Guidelines & Standards

First Class Pre-K Guidelines

The First Class Pre-K Program and Classroom Guidelines have been created and published by the Office of School Readiness to ensure that programs provide a safe and high quality learning environment for the students in Alabama's state funded First Class Pre-K program. The Guidelines also provide guidance and regulations for the expenditures of state funds.

The Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education is currently in the process of revising Alabama’s Pre-K Standards. Please use the link below to access the 2013 Standards and to provide input for revisions.

2021-2022 Guidelines

First Class Pre-K Classroom Guidelines 

First Class Pre-K Program Guidelines

First Class Pre-K Appendices

Links to Individual First Class Pre-K Appendices (2021-2022)

Appendices List and Timeline

Non-Public Lead Teacher Salary Matrix - Appendix A

Parent Fees Guidelines - Appendix B

Background Check Verification Form - Appendix C

Health Screenings Permission Form - Appendix D

Health Screening Record - Appendix E

Incident Report Form - Appendix F

Modified Schedule Request Form - Appendix G

Parent/Family Contract - Appendix H

Parent/Family Involvement Sign-In - Appendix I

Parent/Family Orientation Suggested Topics - Appendix J

Parent/Family Involvement Log - Appendix K

Code of Alabama for the Office of School Readiness - Appendix L

Classroom Inventory and Purchase List - Appendix M

Mandatory Reporting Law - Appendix N

Children with Special Needs - Appendix O

Required Equipment, Material, and Supplies - Appendix P

Help Me Grow Universal Resource Form - Appendix Q

Mental Health Consultation Flow Chart - Appendix R

Director Guidelines for Pre-Registration - Appendix S

Laserfiche Forms - Appendix T

Teacher Self-Directed Professional Development Process - Appendix U