Credential Verification

Please use the link above to submit all credentials for approval. The green Certificate Number Lookup link will allow you to enter the T-Cert Teacher Number if the candidate has an Alabama Teacher Certificate on file with the Alabama State Department of Education  and/or college transcripts. By selecting your region, the Regional Director will automatically receive the credential approval request and will reply accordingly.

Click here for an explanation of the Teacher Credential Process

The applicable credential requirement  for teachers and paraprofessionals working in a First Class Pre-K Program supported by OSR, local or Title I funds is as follows:

Teacher Degree

 Lead teacher must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education   or  Child Development, at minimum.


Lead teacher must have specialized training in early childhood field. Those holding Early Childhood/Elementary or Elementary degrees must have 18 semester hours of approved Early Childhood or Child Development coursework from an accredited institution.

Auxiliary Teacher

Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent. Must possess a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential,  equivalent credential or 9 semester hours of approved coursework in the field of Early Childhood Education or Child Development.