The mission of the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education is to provide state leadership that identifies, promotes, and coordinates services for children, their families, and communities.

Key Goals

Over the next several years we will have a primary emphasis on ensuring that all of Alabama’s children are prepared for school success and lifelong learning through voluntary, diverse, high-quality early childhood programs. We will do so by focusing on the following key goals.

Development of Key Services

Quality - continue to provide high quality service in all of our offerings

  •  Define quality and develop quality rating/endorsement for all divisions
  •  Identify areas to be streamlined for efficiency and resource maximization

Expansion - continue to expand programs and services based on increased or redistributed fund sources until we provide an opportunity for school preparation for all of Alabama’s children

  •  Set expansion goals based on increased or redistributed fund sources
  •  Create a timeline of new or expanded programs/ services for each department/ division

Technology - expand the use of technology to leverage our ability to improve quality and expand service

  •  Connect technology to department mission
  •  Assess current technology and refine needs

Transparency and Accountability

  • Maintain website listing of all grants awarded by the department, as well as program guidelines, program criteria, and quality standards
  • Utilize and advertise an RFP process in determining grant awards for program expansion and development
  • Create a system for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data and indicators of success
  • Measure and report outcomes through comprehensive program evaluations

Technology and Reporting Processes

  • Develop a comprehensive analysis and data collection system
  • Provide well -developed reporting structures and processes
  • Develop our technological capabilities—equipment and people

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