Family Engagement Project
Family Engagement Project

About the Family Engagement Project

This new technical assistance will be offered to programs statewide through an application process to receive individualized family engagement plans designed to meet the specific needs of an early care and education program. There is no “one size fits all” model that is effective for all programs. The goal of the Family Engagement Project is for family engagement coaches and early care and education programs to work in collaboration to create individualized plans designed to increase parent engagement, parent awareness, and community partnerships.

What to Expect:

  • Highly trained coaches with classroom experience and a goal to partner with early care and education programs to enhance family engagement. Family leadership opportunities! On-Site Training Opportunities!
  • Earn a stipend up to $500 and family engagement materials for the home-to-school connection!
  • Access to an information monthly newsletter full of resources! Building meaningful partnerships and community resources!

Need more incentive? See what our program partners had to say after one cycle of coaching!

Are you ready to make a real difference? Visit, click on the tab for Early Childhood Development and Professional Support. To complete an online application: Visit our website listed above and click on the Application Link or contact Jo Lee-Lindstrom (334) 332-4467

The Family Engagement Project is a collaboration between the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education and the Alabama Department of Human Resources.

See What People Have to Say

“Since beginning my center’s journey with family engagement and my coach, I have been able to open my eyes to areas that my center was weak in and have the resources provided by her to boost them. They don't come in and tell you that you have been doing things wrong; instead they are full of positive encouragement and great ideas on ways to increase parent relationships. If you can get parents involved, then it makes connecting with the children that much better. I am so glad I started this journey four months ago and can't wait to complete it and begin a new one.”
Hollee, Peachtree Academy

“The Family Engagement Project is a valuable resource for early childhood programs. Meeting once a month fits easily into an administrator’s schedule. The Coach is extremely knowledgeable in early childhood and shares the information in a way that is relatable to our program. Having a coach that is friendly, helpful, and understanding has made this experience extremely easy.”
Sara, First Presbyterian Preschool

“The project has enabled us to share more informative resources that could help our parents. The parents are more knowledgeable of things that may help their child and family. The coach also helped us provide agencies and contact information that are out there to help in times of crisis and need. The parent survey gave us more insight into our families’ personal thoughts about the program, as well as their hobbies and interests. The parents are willing to form a committee to help with different interests and events going on in the class. They were so excited about helping in planning and participating in the class ‘Valentine’s Etiquette Ball’ that took place on Feb. 14th. The children, parents, and grandparents thought it was so much fun. Thanks for the Family Engagement Project!”
Dorothy, MLK First Class Pre-K

“Lil Kidz Dayschool Inc. has greatly benefited from the Family Engagement Project along with the parents. The parent resource area is a great improvement to our center; it has helped to engage the parents and empowered the staff with knowledge we did not have before. The parent survey and committees that were formed have helped us get in touch with the value of the parents’ satisfaction of our childcare center and staff. The flexibility that my coach has with making appointments to work with my schedule and her understanding and knowledge is commendable. Thank you for including Lil Kidz Dayschool in this program.”
Jackaline, Lil Kidz Dayschool Inc. 

“Prior to the Family Engagement Project, I would have never known the importance of having a written family plan. This project has encouraged me to form a parent committee and to promote the importance of having a primary physician for young children. After finishing this project, I am motivated to encourage our parents to use the resources in our parent lending library.”
Lorren, Hightown Academy

If you have any questions, please contact Jo Lee-Lindstrom, Administrative Assistant at  334-322-4467.

FAQs for Family Engagement and Challenging Behaviors