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Credential Verification:

Please use the link below to submit all credentials for approval. The green Certificate Number Lookup link will allow you to enter the T-Cert Teacher Number if the candidate has an Alabama Teacher Certificate on file with the Alabama State Department of Education, and/or college transcripts. By selecting your region, the Regional Director will automatically receive the credential approval request and will reply accordingly. The applicable credential requirement for teachers and paraprofessionals working in a First Class Pre-K program classroom supported by the Department, local and/or Title I funds is outlined in the First Class Pre-K Program and Classroom Guidelines.

Lead Teachers must have a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university in Early Childhood Education or Child Development, at a minimum. Lead Teachers must have specialized training in the early childhood field. Those holding an Early Childhood/Elementary or Elementary degree(s) must have at least eighteen (18) hours of approved Early Childhood Education or Child Development coursework from an accredited institution.

Auxiliary Teachers must possess a high school diploma or equivalent. Auxiliary Teachers must possess a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential, equivalent credential, or nine (9) semester hours of approved coursework in the field of Early Childhood Education or Child Development.


PowerSchool is the state’s registry for teachers’ and/or administrators’ required professional development hours, managed by the Alabama State Department of Education’s (ALSDE) Office of Professional Development and Professional Learning.


FocusFirst is a Birmingham-based non-profit initiative of Impact America that has provided over 357,000 free, high-tech vision screenings to preschool-aged children around Alabama since 2004. Approximately 10% of these children were found to have a vision problem and have since received free or low-cost comprehensive eye care through FocusFirst's partner organization, Sight Savers America. Last year, FocusFirst provided free vision screenings to 80% of all First Class Pre-K programs. If you are interested in scheduling a free vision screening for your preschool classroom(s), please call the FocusFirst office at (205) 934-0664 or send an email to


Grantees may choose their preferred vendor for classroom materials, supplies, and/or equipment. The Office of School Readiness does not endorse any one vendor or train any persons outside of the Department of Early Childhood Education on room set-up. All contact with vendors is solely between the grantee and vendor(s). The below resources are provided simply as a guide to allow grantees to connect with multiple vendors and easily access information. Grantees are not required by the Department of Early Childhood Education to order from the following vendors. Please refer to the First Class Pre-K Program and Classroom Guidelines for a list of materials, supplies, and equipment consistent with the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS), an internationally recognized assessment of early learning environments. Each First Class Pre-K grantee should order supplies, materials and equipment in accordance with their required purchasing practices.

Alabama Partnership for Children

The Alabama Partnership for Children (APC) is a non-profit organization created to develop, design, and implement a unified approach for improving outcomes of children from birth to age five in Alabama.