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          DHR Training for Mandated Reporters

         The Adult Abuse Mandated Reporters Training explains: 
         > Who is an adult in need of protective services in Alabama
         > How to recognize abuse, neglect, and exploitation
             in vulnerable adults
         > Who is required to report adult abuse, neglect, and
         > How and what to report when abuse, neglect, or
             exploitation is suspected
         > What happens after a report is made

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What is Strengthening Families?    
Strengthening Families is a research-based, cost-effective strategy to increase family stability, enhance child development and reduce child abuse and neglect. It builds five protective factors:
* Parental resilience
* Social connections
* Knowledge of parenting and child development
* Concrete support in times of need
* Social and emotional competence of children
Strengthening Families in Alabama
Alabama is one of many states across the nation using Strengthening Families™ (SF). Leaders across many systems serving children and families have provided leadership to bring SF to life in Alabama. In 2011 the Alabama Department of Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) provided a grant to the Alabama Partnership for Children to take over the role as lead agency for this work.
Our goal is to fully engage early childhood providers across Alabama, as well as other service organizations, while impacting parents through our Strengthening Families efforts.
This work is accomplished in partnership with the Alabama Network of Family Resource Centers. For more information about Strengthening Families, please contact contact Tish MacInnis by calling toll-free 1-866-711-4025 or by emailing




This is the go to place for updated blank forms for data collection and resources for First Teacher’s home visitors. This will be particularly helpful when hiring new staff.  You will find all the power point training presentations for the Ages and Stages Questionnaire--3, Ages and Stages Questionnaire--Social-Emotional, HOME, Resources on Best Practices in Home Visiting, Edinburgh Maternal Depression Screening and other great resources.

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Training modules are available online at the ADPH website, Building Health Through Integration, at Online training has downloadable supplemental materials. Training materials will also include CDs, DVDs, and training packets for order.

Identifying Continuous Quality Improvement Priorities in Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting

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Alabama First Teacher Competencies

Alabama’s Home Visiting program, First Teacher, serves families prenatally through age five. Core Competencies create a common thread of Professional Development expectations across the variety of home visiting programs for the ultimate benefit of families in Alabama. They are established to provide a framework and a common language for workforce development planning. The Alabama Home Visiting Core Competencies is intended to be used as a tool by the workforce to conduct ongoing self- assessments as well as professional development planning. They are a set of attributes, knowledge, and skills that reflect best practice for professionals in the field. The Core Competencies provide expectations for what the workforce should know and be able to do in a respectful and competent manner in their roles working with families. Input was gathered on The Alabama Home Visiting Core Competencies by stakeholders, statewide Home Visiting program model leads, representation from Early Head Start/ Head Start and Child Care, and representatives from local Home Visiting programs throughout the state.

Alabama First Teacher Competencies (2016)